All graphics are made from scratch.
Don’t claim any of my graphics as your own.
Do not modify my designs, if you want something changed ask me directly.
Do not resell any of my designs they are made for those who have ordered them.


Payments only via Paypal via donation link.
Accepted currencies are USD, GBP and Euro. All packages have prices for all accepted currencies.
Payment is made up-front once I accept your order. You should receive an order preview once I create the design within a week (max. unless otherwise stated once your order is approved).
If everything is perfect to your liking, I will send the untagged version approved by you, if not, you have two chances to ask for changes on your order.


Preferable send HQ pictures. Can accept MQ pictures if the quality is good enough. Will not accept LQ.
Be welcome to send how many pictures you want, just don’t expect that all will be featured on your order. Be welcome to tell which is your favorite picture.
Please only use examples from my work if you want me to be inspired in something. I do not copy other designers. Please respect everyone’s work!
I don’t accept refunds so be sure of that once you accept my design preview.


If you read the rules and want to make an order write the following on the required section: Daisy.

If you have any question about this rules please contact me.


Rules update: 26/05/2023